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Illuminated Liberation

Sasha Bragança

Hello there, My name is Sasha Bragança
Welcome to Illuminated Liberation.

I am a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Practitioner of Hypnoenergetics, Past Life Regression therapist and Energy worker. My work is intuitive and Holistic by nature.

I understand it is not an easy path to exist on this planet, for everyone is on their path, there is a bigger picture, with so many layers to living beings and our experiences. Humans are profoundly complex. The aspects of alienation, isolation, disconnect, inner silence and suffering I see in others is why I walk this path.

As a therapist it is an honour to be of service to help you through your journey, and aid you to tap into your own inner resources. I come from a place of kindness, humility, understanding and respect in regards to your personal paths, experiences and inner layers. I will hold space for you where it is safe to speak your truth.

These modalities work with you as a multi-dimensional being, and aids in your transformation with liberating results.

If you feel an inner resonance to work together, please contact me.

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