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Sasha Bragança

Hello there, My name is Sasha Bragança
Welcome to Illuminated Liberation.

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Counsellor, Past Life Regression therapist, and Energy worker. I also do Soul Readings, Energetic House clearings and embrace several modalities in my practice to fully embrace who you are as a whole.

My work is intuitive and holistic by nature.

I understand it is not an easy path to exist on this planet, for everyone is on their own journey. there is a bigger picture, with so many layers to living beings and our experiences. Humans are profoundly complex. The aspects of alienation, isolation, disconnect, inner silence and suffering I see in others is why I walk this path.

As a therapist it is an honour to be of service to help you through your journey, and aid you to tap into your own inner resources. I come from a place of kindness, humility, understanding and respect in regards to your personal paths, experiences and inner layers. I have spent a very long time on a solitude path which has forged my own practices and dedication to be of service to others.

The modalities I work with embrace you as a multi-dimensional being, aiding in your transformation and liberation.

Before we commence a therapeutic session together, it is important you feel comfortable and a true resonance to work with me. We can decide this via a phone call or skype if you choose. This is a deep and important voyage which allows for powerful experiences with your commitment and trust. Every single healing journey is different for each person, and there must be an inner readiness to take this path with me. This is the beginning. Trust the process. I will hold space for you where it is safe to express your truth, while nurturing and supporting you to embrace your empowerment and inner wisdom.

If you feel an inner call to work together, please contact me via phone or email.

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